Bootstrap your startup with AWS Activate Founders

How I launched Transcribe Ninja with zero money.

Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

Every day millions of people come up with ideas about automating something at work or how to find the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”. Then realizing that this idea can help other people, they build a prototype to test it.

The problem comes when they don’t know if the idea would actually work, and to know they need to spend money. That money can come from asking their friends, acquiring their first customers or going the VC route.

Another way to bootstrap their idea is by applying to AWS Activate Founders. It is a free program from AWS that gives you $1000 in credits to use. They can spend these credits in the next two years.

The process to apply is straightforward and it takes a couple of minutes to submit an application. After they submit, the applicant waits for AWS to send a notification saying whether they awarded them the credits or not.

Now they can go and build that tool that everyone will be using in the future.

I used this program to launch Transcribe Ninja which allows you to create AI-generated transcripts in minutes using automatic speech recognition.

Total investment besides my time? $0

Thanks for reading 😄

Lead Software Engineer @ Virtual Academies

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